An ecosystem of management, innovation and results generation.

Estáter is one of the most experienced and distinguished Brazilian business advisory boutiques, active in mergers and acquisitions, financial restructuring, company management and digital entrepreneurship.

Mergers and

We develop transformational transactions in various sectors of the economy: Estáter has already structured mergers and acquisitions totaling approx. R$ 100 billion. We are bold and innovative in the pursuit of our clients' interests, leveraging the experience accumulated by our partners in different contexts and negotiations. Our view is that M&A is not an off-the-shelf product, it takes focus and total dedication to be successful.

We carry out transformational transactions in various sectors of the economy: Estáter has already structured mergers and acquisitions that total approx. R$ 100 billion.

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The same foundations of our M&A performance, added to our credibility in the financial market, qualify us to lead financial restructuring processes that aim to preserve the value of companies, in a voluntary or judicial environment.

Combined with our M&A services, we offer advice on the financial restructuring process, seeking to preserve and maximize value for our clients.

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The experience of the founding partners and the management of proprietary businesses allowed Estáter to become a partner of investors, entrepreneurs and controlling shareholders in the management of their companies. We build specific governance models for each case, allowing Estáter to assume management and/or contribute to the implementation of company transformation agendas, always with the economic interest aligned with the owner of the capital.

We build business management projects, assembling high-level teams, implementing the correct governance and generating results.

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Our familiarity with digital businesses led us to create Nébula, an ecosystem that encourages entrepreneurship. In astronomy, a nebula is a point of creation of new stars. At Estáter, we are bringing together founders, investors and mentors in the same space to foster the next generation of leaders in the digital economy.

We created Nébula, an entrepreneurship ecosystem that brings together and stimulates diverse digital companies.

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our results

Since the beginning, and because we believe in the innovative potential of the “Estáter model”, we have already recorded significant results. In our first year of activities, 2003, we carried out three transactions. Today, we have concluded more than 40 deals, totaling approximately R$ 100 billion.

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The Partners

Estáter is a partnership. Led by Pércio de Souza, our partners have complementary experiences and skills and are fully dedicated to their mandates and management projects.

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pércio freire rodrigues de souza

Pércio de Souza graduated in Civil Engineering in 1985 from UFPR and began his career in the Corporate area of Citibank in 1984. In 1992, he joined BBA Creditanstalt, where he became a partner and statutory director responsible for the Investment Bank. He left BBA in December 2002 to found Estáter Assessoria, a company specialized in large mergers and acquisitions operations. In 2009, he founded Estáter GA, an investment holding company, with the objective of participating in and managing companies. Today, GA has interests in 3 private companies in Brazil, one American company, and acts in the coordination of strategy and management of Banco Voiter. In 2010, he conceived the Estáter Institute, which develops activities related to social responsibility aimed at children and their insertion in society.

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gustavo de oliveira lima

Gustavo de Oliveira Lima, graduated in Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP), has more than 25 years of experience in mergers and acquisitions, having joined the legal department of Banco BBA Creditanstalt in 1995. He worked as a lawyer responsible for the area of capital markets and mergers and acquisitions. He also assumed the supervision of the legal area of the North American brokerage BBA Icatu Securities Inc. In 2000, he migrated to the Investment Banking area and was appointed director of BBA CTVM. In 2003, he co-founded Estáter and, since then, has been working on client management projects in Estáter's portfolio, in addition to working directly in mergers and acquisitions operations. Since 2020 he has been an advisor to Guide CTVM.

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eleonora antici rodrigues de souza

Founding partner of Estáter, graduated in business administration from Universidade Cândido Mendes. She worked from 1993 to 1999 at Banco Icatu, where she was a partner and responsible for the institution's international area. In 1999, she joined BBA as president of the stockbroker and broker-dealer in New York, coordinating the distribution of fixed and variable income products. . Since 2003, she has led M&A projects at Estáter Assessoria Financeira. She is also a member of the NGO Pro Saber São Paulo and the Instituto Protea.

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andré ferreira martins assumpção

Founding partner of Estáter, graduated in law from the University of São Paulo (USP) and in public administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), he was a partner at BBA Creditanstalt, where he worked for 10 years. Between 1998 and 2002, he was responsible for the underwriting area of the institution.

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alexandre braga de andrade

Graduated in Business Administration from EAESP / FGV, he joined Estáter in 2005 as a trainee. He worked in the proprietary investment division between 2008 and 2013, working since then in the M&A area, participating in most of the operations carried out by the company, becoming a partner in 2019.

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Estáter Institute

For Estáter, companies can – and should – directly contribute to the country's economic and social development.

Investing today in the Brazil of tomorrow is one of the premises that guide Estáter's social activities. With this objective in mind, in 2010 the Estáter Institute was created. A non-profit association qualified as OSCIP - Civil Society Organization of Public Interest.

The Institute has supported initiatives with active participation in projects such as: Fazendo A Nossa História; Parceiro Da Educação; Pro-Saber, Instituto Rodrigo Mendes, Amigos do Bem and scholarships for Universidade Einstein. As of March 2020, IE has been working with projects related to Covid-19, leading research for a better understanding of the evolution of the infection, as well as volunteer work for the most vulnerable Brazilian communities, with the aim of supporting initiatives that seek to reduce of the mortality rate.

Supported institutions:

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amigos do bem Visit website

Established in 2002, Amigos do Bem is a non-governmental and non-profit institution with the primary objective of contributing to the eradication of hunger and misery in the Sertão Nordestino through educational activities and self-sustainable projects that favor the social development of the needy population.

They develop specific projects based on studies, research and experience acquired over the years in places with the highest needs and in accordance to their deficits and potential, in search for self-sustainability.

In a few years, 4 Cidades do Bem were built where more than 3,000 people live; 4 Education Centers attended by more than 1,000 children, and 3 Transformation Centers, in their final phase of construction, with the purpose of teaching citizenship concepts to those who never attended school.

fazendo a nossa historia Visit website

The Instituto Fazendo História contributes to the development of children and teenagers who are in foster care, working together with the protective network, with the purpose of strengthening them in order to transform their own story. The importance of the personal and family history of each member is the central axis for all programs of the organization. Since 2005, the Instituto Fazendo História works in conjunction with shelters through its own programs and projects in several cities of São Paulo, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Maranhão, Ceará and Paraíba states.

The Programa Fazendo Nossa História offers welcoming spaces such that children and teenagers who are in foster care recall and register the stories of their lives. Through reading, a child or teenager and a caring adult meet weekly to share stories and register them in an album with photos, reports, and testimonials. The album belongs to the child or teenager and accompanies them for the rest of their lives.

The Grupo Nós, currently financed through a partnership with Estáter, has as its objective to accompany and support for three years 15 teenagers who, on account of age, will be homeless. The goal of Grupo Nós is to strengthen this group of young people and contribute to the process of identity, feeling of belonging and creation of a support network.

parceiro da educação Visit website

Created in 2006, the Parceiros da Educação is a non-profit association that promotes and monitors partnerships between companies / businesspeople and the public school network.

Parceiros da Educação takes to public education the management experience of businesspeople to complement the continuous development of Brazilian public education towards efficiency and result-orientation, forming citizens who are better qualified for the challenges of our current and future times.

The partnership evaluates public investments in schools, making them more capable and productive, with a central goal: improve the students’ performance in school. In this way, we established an association through Instituto Estáter with E.E.P.G Frederico Marcicano, located in the city of Ibiúna.

The focus of the investments of this association – with minimal duration of five years – is in pedagogic support, in particular, activities towards the continual formation of teachers, and recuperation and support of students.

pró bono Visit website

It is a non-profit organization established in 2001 with the mission to promote and spread the culture of pro bono legal work among law professionals.

Through the Projeto Pro Bono, the Instituto offers free legal advice, specialized and of high quality for the tertiary sector, contributing to the strengthening and professionalization of the civic society, as well as for the construction and consolidation of justice, solidarity and active participation of each individual.

It believes in raising awareness among the legal class of the importance of voluntary legal work and to strengthen the pro bono culture as part of the job to implement full access to justice.

pró saber Visit website

The Centro de Estudos Psicopedagógicos Pró-Saber was established in 1987 in Rio de Janeiro.In 2003 it opened its São Paulo branch with the inauguration of Espaço Nossa Casa, where a child education is offered for free, together with music workshops, physical education, arts, as well as nutrition, school materials and uniforms.

Currently, Pró-Saber serves 150 children, proposing to them a deep dive into the world of literature and writing so that they experience, live, and take pleasure in belonging to the world that reads and writes. The main objective is to foster literacy to the largest number possible of children even before they join public schools, always respecting their stories, their wishes and difficulties. Pró-Saber dreams of being a territory of peace and solidarity.

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